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I am a English-Nigerian/Swedish girl living in London. I spend my days going on about blogging and nagging everyone in my surrounding about how they should start blogging/or how they should stop using Mineral Oil in their skin care products. One of my hobbies are reading the ingredient label on cosmetics. I really love experimenting with new makeup looks and improving my makeup skills, but I am not at all a pro- I'm just trying to get better at it!

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I would generally describe my blog as a beauty blog, but I'm not your average beauty blogger. Despite the fact that I have loads of products, I work towards using most of them up and keeping only what really works for me. Also, in my reviews you will mainly see comments on ingredients, price etc since I believe everyone experience in a product is different and pictures and ingredients speak for themselves.

Starting August 2012 I am on a "natural hair journey" which means I am growing out my natural hair which is of afro hair texture. I am really excited to see what my natural hair looks like and tips and blog links are very welcome! So under the tab "hair care / transitioning" you can read all of my post about transitioning hair. I am trying to work out what to use for my hair to prevent it from breaking during this transition- as well as finding hair styles I can wear meanwhile- this is not going too well.

However, I have done one transitioning/natural hair tutorial, which is the Flat twist & curly fringe one. See the tutorial for this look here.

See a tutorial for the straightened hair look here.

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