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14 Jan 2013

1 ♥ Argan Oil, what are the benefits?

The Benefits and Uses of Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

I am sure everyone knows of Argan Oil by now, after the hype of the Moroccan Oil hair products.          I have tried similar hair serums to that one, but it wasn't until recently that I actually purchases pure Argan Oil, as it is very expensive!

So what are the benefits & uses of Argan Oil?

  • It contains a lot of Vitamin E, and also Vitamin F (source)
  • The Vitamin E in Argan Oil can help stretch marks  scars and wrinkles (read my post on Vitamin E oil here)
  • Contains 0.8% unsaponifiables/sterloins which are anti inflammatory and can improve skin metabolism (source)
  • Use on your nails as the high contents of Vitamin E will prevent splitting nails
  • Use in your hair to nourish scalp or split ends
  • It is a very light oil, and gets absorbed very quickly, this makes it a perfect face oil (see DIY)

I bought my Argan Oil from Holland & Barett for £12.99 (Just checked the price online, so expensive. I thought I bought it for maximum £8).

Read my other posts on oils and butters here!

Have you tried pure Argan Oil?
What uses do you recommend?


14 Nov 2012

8 ♥ DIY Scalp Oil & Hair Lotion

DIY Scalp Oil & Hair Lotion in Applicator Bottle

A scalp oil for me is essentials in order to not get an itchy scalp, and also keep it from getting dry.  I actually hada terrible experience with a rash in my whole scalp for 2-3 months a few years ago. A hair dresser actually said it was psoriasis, since I don't have that- I am pretty sure it was a reaction to a relaxer. At that time I didn't care that much about my hair, nor scalp and didn't think much of it, but it was disgusting and extremely flaky.

Moving on, now I use a scalp oil about every other day. It's a great way to also try and give yourself a scalp massage before going bed, increasing the blood flow to your scalp- which promotes hair growth.

What to put in your scalp oil mix?

  • Majority of the oil should consistent of at least one of the 2 only oils that will actually get absorbed by skin and hair. These are Coconut Oil & Jojoba Oil. Using a thick oil like Castor Oil (when you leave it on your scalp) can give you an adverse effect- making your scalp itchy!
  • Peppermint Oil! Amazing for scalp, feels very soothing and depending on how much you put in, it gives a cooling sensation too. 
  • Tea Tree Oil. Add some of this for the antibacterial and anti fungal properties it has. This will keep your scalp healthy and clean between washes.
  • Rosemary Oil. This can help stimulate the circulation to your scalp, and thereby promoting hair growth.
What to put in your hair lotion/oil?
  • Shea Butter (Melt it and pour it in, don't use more than a 3rd)
  • A cheap carrier oil like Almond or Sesame Seed.
  • A few super nutritious oils like: Linseed Oil & Hemp Seed Oil
  • Essential oil of choice for the scent (will make your hair smell newly washed between washes), like: Lavender, Sweet Orange, Rose Oil

Essential for both mixes:

  • Vitamin E oil: An antioxidant which prolonges shelf life of a product as well as promotes cell growth.

Read my post on: Vitamin E Oil hereCoconut Oil hereShea Butter here, Jojoba Oil here, Oils in general here

Do you use oils in your hair?
& whats your favourite?


5 Nov 2012

9 ♥ Benefits of Vitamin E Oil

 Benefits of Vitamin E Oil

I mentioned Vitamin E oil from Holland & Baretts in my winter essentials post here before. The reason why it's so great is because you can simply add a few drops to your existing stuff, kind of tweaking them for winter time.

What are the benefits of Vitamin E (oil)?

  • Promotes cell growth/stops cellular damage
  • I.e. for skin is can help heal and fade scars
  • The oil can help stop cracked skin and make it heal quicker

The consistency is super thick, so you may want to mix it with a carrier oil. Read more about this below.

How can I use this?

  • Add to your Daily Face moisturiser
  • Add to your Facial Oil (DIY Here)
  • Add to your Hand Cream
  • Add to your Body Lotion
  • Add to your Cuticle Oil (DIY Here)
  • Scalp or hair oil
Practically anything that you use to nourish and moisturise your skin! Remember that the Vitamin E molecule is very large and is best absorbed to skin in conjunction with Jojoba Oil (which has smaller molecules). Read more about this here.

For the UK: Buy Holland & Barett Vitamin E Oil here
For the US: Buy Jason Vitamin E Oil here

Have you, or will you try this?


6 Oct 2012

13 ♥ Benefits of Coldpressed Coconut Oil

BENEFITS OF COLD PRESSED COCONUT OILIf you don't like the smell of Coconut or Coconut Oil, do not keep reading as I will keep going on about it. I have consistently been using Coconut Oil for scalp massages for quite a while now. Being such a bargain hunter I've insisted on buying the cheapest one possible, which is the refind Coconut Oil from KTC (as seen in this post). That one does not have a smell and I remember googling "the smell of Coconut Oil" and I suppose I came to the conclusion that it might now have a strong smell.

Oh my god how wrong I was?! I bought this Coldpressed Unrefined Coconut Oil from a health store in Sweden. It smells aaaaaa-maaaazing! Sort of like those Coconut Cakes (Not sure what they are called). I might have to start splurging out when buying Coconut Oil in the future..

I used this for my scalp every day when I was in Sweden (I was there for 18 days) and I feel like my hair has grown a lot. Not sure if it's due to the Coldpressed Coconut Oil but I am sure it had something to do with it..

As I said, I bought this from a Swedish health shop. Everything in Sweden in super expensive and so were their oils- except for Coconut Oil. I'd say I got it for a decent price, about £5 for this 225 ml jar.

So what are the benefits?

  • Helps to fight off dandruff & lice
  • One of the few oils that really get absorbed by the hair
  • A great moisturiser for your skin, it absorbs easily and doesn't feel greasy
  • Strengthen your nails
  • It contains a lot of acids such as: lauric, caprylic and capric acid. As a result of this it Coconut Oil can be antifungal & anti bacterial.
  • Can aid digestion due to it's antibacterial and antifungal properties

! For those who airdry their hair: When you have finished washing your hair, massage some Coconut Oil mixed with Peppermint Essential Oil into your scalp for a really cool- non itchy sensation when your hair is drying.

Do you use Coconut Oil? & have you tried both Coldpressed and "Normal" oil?


29 Nov 2011

15 ♥ Oils

Made by me, source and pics: all from google.

Do you use oils daily, if so, what for? Any favourites?


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